Ever upload a GIF on WordPress and then figured out that the uploaded GIF on your site is a static image? If yes then, you must be amazed about why is WordPress GIF not playing and how to fix it up?

It’s a common problem that almost every WordPress user faces now and then. At first, you might feel like it’s a big issue. But, it is not.

No matter how big the problem seems, its solution is very simple and easy. Want to find out how?

Don’t worry. Here we will discuss why your WordPress GIF is not playing and how you can resolve this problem.

Why is GIF not working in WordPress?

WordPress automatically resizes a GIF or image when it gets uploaded. For example, if you upload a GIF in WordPress, it gets resized while adding to your media library. Also, some themes optimize the size of the uploaded images or GIFs on the WordPress site. Again, using an image optimization plugin can also reduce the size of your GIF.

As a result, your animated WordPress GIFs upload as static images. Therefore, it creates the problem of WordPress animated GIF not Working.

Now how to get over this issue that destroys the purpose of uploading WordPress GIFs. If you are looking for solutions to fix this WordPress GIF not playing problem then, keep reading.

Solutions to fix the “WordPress GIFs not playing”

Where the problem of “GIF not working in WordPress” is quite frequent, the solution to it is very simple. You can solve this issue within minutes from your WordPress site.

Wondering how can you fix the Elementor GIF not working problem? Just go through the below three solutions and try them on your WordPress site:

Use a full-size image

Since WordPress resizes the uploaded images and GIFs, you can avoid it by choosing the full size for your GIF. To solve the Elementor GIF not Working problem, you need to go to the blocks of pages or posts and then, select the “Full Size” image after uploading the GIF on WordPress.

Use full size image for WordPress GIF not playing

This will upload your GIFs to their original sizes without any optimization. Therefore, your GIF quality won’t harm at all and it will post as you captured.

Remove image optimization plugin

After using the full-size image, still, you can face a WordPress GIF not playing issue. It is because of using the image optimization plugin on your WordPress site.

No matter how many settings you perform to fix it up, an image optimization plugin can upload the reduced size GIF on your site if it is not removed or the setting of image optimization if not disabled.

Hence, to completely fix the WordPress GIF not playing problem, you have to disable the image optimization option or you need to completely deactivate the image optimization plugin from your site.

After deactivating the image optimization plugin, the size of your uploaded GIF will be the same as before and it will be working fine.

Uploading GIF from the media library

The third and last solution to WordPress GIF not working problem is uploading GIF via URL from the media library. To do that, go to the pages or posts where you want to add GIFs. After that, select the image block by clicking the plus icon.

Solution to solve GIF not Working issue

Now, choose the image block and upload the GIF from your device. Then, copy the URL of your uploaded GIF from the media library. After that close the tab.

Uploading GIF from media library

Finally, click the plus icon and select image block like before. Then, press the “Insert from URL” button and paste the URL that you have copied.

Important Note:

Your uploaded GIF will not work if you select the GIF directly from the media library after uploading. It will work only when you paste the URL of the GIF. So, follow the exact process for solving your WordPress GIF not playing problem.

Adding GIF via media library

Time to fix

Great! Now you are ready to deal with your WordPress animated GIF not Working problem. You have already figured out that the main cause of a static GIF on WordPress is its reduced size which deteriorates the quality. That’s why, if you manage to upload without resizing then, the issue of the GIF not working on WordPress will be solved.

Try the above three easy solutions for adding motion to your static GIF and it will be the same as before. Performing these three solutions won’t take more than a few minutes.

So, try these now and fix the issue asap. Also, let us know if these three solutions work for your WordPress GIFs or not. Feel free to comment below if these three solutions don’t work for your GIFs or else you need more guides to solve this issue.