A sidebar is an information bar that gains the maximum attention of the visitors. Besides, it is widely used to unlock business opportunities. However, it is not appropriate to use for all the websites and web pages. Therefore, having knowledge about how to remove sidebar in WordPress is important.

The good thing is removing the sidebar from your site won’t take more than a few minutes. Just you will require a well-described, proper, and easy guideline for that. Here in this blog, you will get to know all the methods of removing the WordPress sidebar.

But, before that, you must be wondering if a sidebar offers vast business opportunities, then why do you need to remove it from your site. Let’s have a look at why sometimes removing it becomes important for website owners before unveiling the methods of removing sidebar in WordPress.

Why do you need to delete sidebar from your site?

Sidebar use is prevalent among website owners as it can boost leads and sales. They mainly use it for email subscriptions, related products, resource sharing such as ebooks, etc. Sidebar usages for these purposes increase the conversion rate.

However, sometimes it doesn’t work as expected for all the devices. Like on a mobile device due to the reduced screen size, your added sidebar will show at the bottom of the screen. As a result, it can take the attention of your customers from the main content. Also, it might look like you have too much content on your landing page.

Besides, because of the added sidebar, your customers need to zoom in or out again and again to view the main content of your site. This annoying interaction with your site will make your customers leave without taking any action.

Hence, sometimes website owners want to remove the WordPress sidebar from their site. If you want to get rid of the sidebar too, then have a look at the next section where four different methods are described to delete sidebar.

How to remove sidebar in WordPress (4 easy methods)

In WordPress, you can remove sidebar in many ways. For example, you can remove it through the Elementor Editor, theme, and WordPress settings. Apart from that, you can also disable it from your WordPress pages and post within a blink of an eye. So, let’s explore all the processes regarding how to remove sidebar in WordPress:

Disable sidebar in WordPress site

If you are an Elementor user and want to remove the Elementor sidebar from your site, then you can easily delete it from the Elementor Editor.

For that, go to the Pages>> Add New and click the “Edit with Elementor” button to remove the WordPress sidebar from the Elementor editor.

How to turn off sidebar from site

After that, click the Page Settings option and choose Elementor Full-Width for the Page Layout. Finally, press the green publish button.

How to remove sidebar in WordPress using the Elementor editor

Remove WordPress sidebar by using theme customizer

Theme customizer will also provide you the option to remove WordPress sidebar. For this, go to the Appearance>> Themes, then press the “Customize” button to customize your site through the theme customizer. It will redirect you to the Theme Customizer. Now click the “Sidebar” option from here.

WordPress remove sidebar from the home page

Here, choose No Sidebar as a Default Layout and after that, press the publish button to make every change live.

How to remove sidebar in WordPress

Turn off sidebar from blog posts or pages

Sometimes, website owners only want to disable the Elementor sidebar from pages or posts. They don’t want to remove that for the entire website. If you want that as well, then you can remove it from your WordPress settings.

Just go to the pages or posts from where you want to remove sidebar, then select the Elementor Full-Width template. After that, press the publish button to remove the sidebar from those pages or posts.

How to turn off sidebar from blog posts

Completely delete sidebar from WordPress website

You can also completely remove the WordPress sidebar from your site by deleting the following code from your File Editor:

You will find this Theme File Editor option under the Appearance section:

How to disable sidebar in WordPress completely

Wrapping up

Though Sidebar offers lots of business opportunities, sometimes showing a sidebar on your landing page can deteriorate the experience of your users. For example, clustering your website’s content, distracting from the main content, facing difficulties to navigate, damaging the appearance of the mobile site, etc. Because of all these issues, removing WordPress sidebar from homepage or any page becomes very essential.

Above four easy methods are shared regarding how to remove sidebar in WordPress. You can adopt any of these methods and make your site more user-friendly for your customers. The above discussed methods are super easy. However, if you need more assistance regarding how to disable sidebar in WordPress, then do comment below and let us know how we can help you.